Autumn 2013

Our decision to concentrate on our Section As and cut down on our Cs has brought a lot of changes. We were so lucky that Adam found us a  lovely filly at Blaenau stud. ‘Vera’ (Blaenau Virianna), produced by Adam & Karen, did us proud at the foal shows including being Supreme Champion foal at Glamorgan Wpca show. We bought a lovely filly foal at Hay on Wye, Talsarn Lucy. Lucy was already a foal champion. While were were visiting Blaenau  we received the offer of a lifetime to by Blaenau Valeska. She is so beautiful we can hardly believe out luck! Added to our dear Section A ‘herd’ the girls are a huge asset to our new venture. Looking forward to 2014!

Blaenau Virianna


Blaenau Valeska